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I denne aktivitetskalenderen finner du kurs og arrangementer i IVK Norges regi, samt andre kurs som arrangeres av sertifiserte IVK-trenere og sertifiseringskandidater. Siden oppdateres kontinuerlig. Følg gjerne også med på IVK Norges nyhetsbrev og Facebook-side for oppdateringer. Les mer her dersom du ønsker å delta i en øvegruppe.


OSLO, 2.-3. februar 2019: Kurs i empatisk kommunikasjon (for viderekomne) – med sertifisert IVK-trener Gert Ceville-DanielsenKlikk her for å lese mer.

PÅ INTERNETT, februar (dato bekreftes): Medlemsmøte for IVK Norges medlemmer. Mer informasjon kommer.

NORESUND, 28. februar-3. mars 2019: NVC Skiing NVC Retreat (for nybegynnere og viderekomne, på engelsk) – i regi av IVK Norge med sertifiserte IVK-trenere Eva Rámbala (Ungarn) og Gert Ceville-Danielsen. Les mer her (lenke til egen underside med teksten nedenfor).

OSLO, Mars/april 2019: Grunnkurs i kontaktskapende kommunikasjon våren 2019. Ønsker du å kommunisere på en måte som bidrar til mer harmoni i familien, med venner og kollegaer? Lengter du etter å bli hørt og forstått? Da kan dette kurset være noe for deg. Se tilbakemeldinger fra tidligere deltakere nederst i selve invitasjonen. Mer her (pdf)
Informasjonen kan leses som en nettside her.

OSLO, Sentralen, 14. eller 15. mars 2019 (dato bekreftes): – Sånn vil vi ha det! Frokostmøte om psykisk helse og livsmestring i skolen  – i regi av IVK Norge og Trygg Læring. Mer informasjon kommer.

TRONDHEIM, uke 11, 2019 (dato bekreftes): IVK i skolen (for nybegynnere, på svensk/norsk) – i regi av IVK Norge med sertifiserte IVK-trenere Marianne Göthlin (Sverige) og Gert Ceville-Danielsen. Mer informasjon kommer. For tidlig påmelding, skriv til gert@ivk.no.

OSLO, 16.–17. mars 2019: IVK i skolen (for nybegynnere, på svensk/norsk) – i regi av IVK Norge og med sertifiserte IVK-trenere Marianne Göthlin (Sverige) og Gert Ceville-Danielsen. Mer informasjon kommer. For tidlig påmelding, skriv til gert@ivk.no

HOLT GÅRD, Vestfold, 29.–31. mars 2019: Anerkjennende kommunikasjon (for nybegynnere, på norsk) med sertifisert IVK-trener Anniken Poulsson Beer og assistent-trener og sertifiseringskandidat Robin Leeber. Klikk her for å lese mer.

OSLO, 26.–28. april 2019: Årsmøte i IVK Norge og kurs i kommunikasjon og konflikthåndtering (for nybegynnere og viderekomne) med Christian Rafn og Jørgen Rafn fra Sunne organisasjoner og sertifisert IVK-trener Gert Ceville-Danielsen.Mer informasjon kommer. For tidlig påmelding til kurs, skriv til gert@ivk.no

OSLO, 30. mai–2. juni 2019: Key Differentiations in NVC (for viderekomne, på engelsk) – i regi av IVK Norge og med sertifiserte IVK-trenere Kathleen Macferran (USA) og Gert Ceville-Danielsen. Mer informasjon kommer. For tidlig påmelding, skriv til gert@ivk.no



 IVK Norges egne kurs



NORESUND, 28. februar-3. mars 2019: NVC Skiing NVC Retreat (for nybegynnere og viderekomne, på engelsk) – i regi av IVK Norge med sertifiserte trenere Eva Rámbala (Ungarn) og Gert Ceville-Danielsen (Norge). 

Learn and practice Empathic, Compassionate and Nonviolent Communication while skiing and enjoying winter in a community! Join us for a weekend of learning, sharing and fun in the Norwegian forests and mountains!

Norsk sammendrag:
Vil du lære og øve på ikkevoldelig kommunikasjon (IVK) og samtidig kunne gå på ski og nyte vinteren? Da inviterer IVK Norge deg til et fellesskap der vi lærer og øver på IVK gjennom å bo sammen i 3-4 dager. i Krødsherad, like ved ski-paradiset Norefjell, sørøst for Oslo. Kurset holdes på engelsk, og det er likevel mulig å delt med begrenset engelsk, da arrangørene kan hjelpe med noe oversetting underveis.

Would you like to learn and practise Nonviolent Communication (NVC) while also being able to ski and enjoy winter?

We invite you to be part of a community that is learning and practicing Nonviolent Communication through living together for 3-4 days in a cabin in Krødsherad, close to the skiing paradise of Norefjell in Eastern Norway, not far from Oslo.

This skiing retreat is for everyone – beginners and NVC practitioners. With two NVC Trainers certified by the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (USA), you can choose learning sessions which suit you and practice in a group. We enjoy co-creation, where we make the learning agenda together, and we will also prepare food and organise non-NVC sessions and activities together. We truly believe this is fundamental to leading a life aligned with values of community, equity, sharing, consideration, fun and purpose.

Co-creating the agenda also means that we really want to make sure everyone gets what they need at this retreat – the agenda and the activities will be based on the participants´ needs and requests.

This NVC Skiing Retreat will help enable you to
– Find the words to express what is in your heart
– Build relationships based on compassion and understanding
– Hear behind and beyond words. Accurately hear what other people feel and need, even when they express themselves in a hostile manner
– Make assertive requests that increase the likelihood of getting what you really want
– Manage and transform conflicts in ways that work for everyone
– Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression

We are going to deal with
– The model of Nonviolent Communication and the opportunity to practice using the process to connect compassionately by honestly expressing & empathically hearing
– Relating compassionately with guilt, shame, depression and anger
– Expressing and receiving “No”
– Expressing and receiving appreciation

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) has been described as a language of compassion, as a tool for positive social change, and as a spiritual practice can be used in any religious background. Its basic premise is that underlying all human actions are needs that people are seeking to meet, and that understanding and acknowledging these needs can create a shared basis for connection, cooperation, and more globally – peace.

Nonviolent Communication focuses our attention on compassion as our motivation, rather than fear, guilt, blame, or shame. It emphasizes taking personal responsibility for our choices and improving the quality of our relationships as our goal. It is effective even when the other person or group is not familiar with this process.

Nonviolent Communication is a way of speaking that facilitates the flow of communication needed to resolve differences peacefully. It helps us identify our shared values, encourages us to use language that increases goodwill, and avoid language that contributes to resentment or lowers self-esteem.

NVC can enhance already rich relationships and heal painful ones.
This training program strengthens our ability to live and work productively and harmoniously.

We plan to have at least 3 hour of NVC sessions every day, as well as at least 3 hours of skiing or other winter opportunities. These include Nordic/cross country skiing, alpine/downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemarking, snow-shoeing and walks in the forest.

The chosen language for trainings and community living is English, and there will also be opportunities for some interpretation from English to Norwegian.

Would you like to join us? Click here to register:

During this four days, you will be able to engage with two trainers who have been certified by the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) in the USA.

EVA RAMBALA (Hungary) is a Certified Trainer with many years of experience. Before studying NVC, she thought she had been born into the wrong family. She thought she had to change people close to her in order to be happy. Applying «empathic listening», she found that it is enough just to fully hear what is alive in others’ hearts. When the sense of being heard comes, flexibility radically increases, and conflicts dissolve.

Eva discovered NVC in 1996. Ever since, she has been committed to using it in every aspect of her life and, for the last 16 years, been teaching it to others. In many different cultures she has seen how NVC effectively handles conflicts with family, friends, and colleagues in an honest, loving and compassionate manner. Of all the topics to which this approach can be applied, empathy is for her the sweetest, and she loves the aliveness and the presence that comes with honesty.

In 1999, Eva became a Certified Trainer and she worked closely with Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of CNVC, for five years at many trainings in 30 different countries all over the globe. She loves the openness and love which is created after a couple of days training. To read more about Eva and her work, please see her web site: http://www.rambala.hu

GERT CEVILLE-DANIELSEN (Norway) is also a Certified Trainer in Nonviolent Communication, the Managing Director of Empathos Partners and the Chairperson of NVC Norway. Having wanted to study medicine, he changed his focus entirely when he attended the United World College together with 200 young people from 70 countries. Fascinated by their conflict management programme and the diversity of this micro-world, he later studied International Relations and Spanish and pursued an MA in International Relations, Peace and Conflict Resolution and a Diploma in Mediation..

Gert has more than 14 years of experience from the United Nations, civil society organisations and the private sector. In addition to his work with the UN, he has also worked as a volunteer on human rights in Guatemala, as a Conflict Transformation coordinator in Colombia and as a junior lecturer in Peace Studies and International Relations in South Africa.

Convinced of the fact that conflicts never need to be violent if we truly connect with our own and others´ needs, he is dedicated to promoting a culture of peace in his life and in society. A part-time upper secondary school teacher, Gert offers NVC and conflict management trainings in Norwegian, English, Spanish and Portuguese in Norway, abroad and online. He furthermore wishes to bring NVC to «mainstream society» through opinion pieces in the media and public presentations. For more information about Gert, please see www.empathos.org/about-us/our-team/gert-ceville-danielsen/

For this NVC Skiing Retreat, no previous knowledge of NVC is needed. At the same time, people with NVC knowledge and skills are welcome to practise and deepen their skills and their integrity.

The learning sessions will include individual reflections, as well as work in plenary, pairs and groups. Leadership opportunities will be available for those who would like to share and engage more actively.

28 February – 3 March 2019
We start on Thursday 28 February at 1800hs and finish on Sunday 2 March at 1500hs

The venue is «Solli», a family resort in the forest, where NVC Trainer Anniken is a part owner. It is very idyllic and calm, about 15 minutes´ drive from Noresund, a small village. While the cabin is very charming and cosy, it also has a very simple standard. We fetch water from the (electric) well, heat with wood and the toilet is a dry toilet in a separate building. There is electricity and access to 4G. There is a sauna and a primitive shower, and you can of course take a snow bath – any time!

We will engage with participants to help organise shared transport from Oslo to the cabin. We will also cook together and be in touch with participants to see who brings what and how we can share costs and cooking tasks at the cabin. Other collective tasks include fetching water and wood for the fireplace and the cooker and cleaning at the end of our stay.

All participants will stay in rooms shared by 2-6 people. A few options for single accommodation are available at a first-come, first-served basis. All participants will also receive information and advice on what to bring in terms of clothing and personal items. This could include slippers, warm socks, board games, instruments and anything else which would make the community thrive.

Members of NVC Norway: NOK 2,000
Non-members: NOK 2,500

This includes all training sessions, training materials, coffee/tea and snacks in the breaks, as well as three nights in shared accommodation. It also includes a contribution towards NVC Norway´s work to promote empathy, nonviolent communication and a culture of peace in Norway and beyond. Additional contributions include transportation, food, bed linen and towels and any cost involved with ski passes, renting skiing or other winter equipment, as well as transportation to the skiing centre (Norefjell). We are hoping that all requests for support for equipment and transportation will be handled and cared for by the group, in community.

For more information on the skiing centre, check out this link: https://vinter.norefjell.com/en/home

In order to enable participants with limited funds or in low-income countries to participate, some stipends are available upon request. A stipend application may be sent to gert@ivk.no in which you explain your situation and state how much you are willing to pay. Spaces are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Click here to register:

When you register, you will receive information on payment options. Registrations are open until the NVC Skiing Retreat is fully booked. Full reimbursements are only made to people who cancel and succeed to find a person to replace them at the retreat.

Please e-mail us on gert@ivk.no

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to this NVC Skiing Retreat!